About Morepolygons

Who are we?



The team members are all Dutch, and studying either Game Design or Game Art at the HKU (Utrecht School of Art and Technology). Within the timespan of several months, we’re creating a vertical slice of a high-budget shooter. In order to achieve this, we’re working full-time with a concept artist, three 3D modelers, a game designer and a programmer.

Since january 2012 the team members have dedicated themselves full-time to develop Grim, thoroughly following a planning for the realisation of the product. The plans themselves were put together about a year in advance of the building phase, providing a well considered workflow.

Team members:
Morepolygons is the name of a collaboration of these students. Grim being our first project, we strive to deliver the highest quality game-art and the gameplay like you would expect from high-budget titles.

You can contact us via the contact page.